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Advanced Mechanical Engineering GmbH

AME GmbH acts as a service provider for structural optimization, FEM simulation and engineeering tasks. Through many years of ofexpesience in the field of additive manufacturing processes, we are able to use their potentials in a tasgeted manner when the complexity of the optimized component no longer permits conventional production. Through individual training concepts we share our knowledge with interessted partners.

production technology
Contact info
Company name Advanced Mechanical Engineering GmbH
Address Carlo-Schmid-Allee 3
Zip Code & City 44263 Dortmund
Location Technologiepark PHOENIX
Zentrum für Produktionstechnologie (ZfP)
Phone 0231 477307250
Homepage http://www.a-m-e.de
E-Mail info@a-m-e.de
Contact person
Name Herr Dr.-Ing. Jan-Peter Brüggemann
E-Mail info@a-m-e.de